Mission of the Dirt Road Community Center & Church

Mission of the Dirt Road is a Community Center and Church located across from the main entrance of High Ridge Estates in Keystone Heights, Fl. MOTDR is making disciples through community development. We work with our neighbors and friends to create a stronger, safer neighborhood and community. Mission hosts classes, support groups, and other community-building activities at our building; and we collaborate with neighbors and community leaders to host neighborhood events, clean-up days, and work toward neighborhood revitalization in other ways.

Lots of people think of a spectrum of things when they hear the word "church." On one end, people might think of worship service in a building or a community of religious people. On the other end, people might think of a group of people known for judgement and hate.

When we say we are a "church," we mean that we are a group of people doing the best we can to figure out what it means to follow the teachings of Jesus and love our neighbors well. So, our building functions like a community center, and lots of people gather there for lots of different reasons.

A view of the outside of the Mission of the Dirt Road Community Center and Church

Come visit our Community Center.

We'd love to meet you!

Sunday Brunch & Gathering @ 11AM

Community Dinner & Class, Tuesdays @ 6pm

Coffee Cafe Hours:

Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 10am-6pm

Fridays, 9am- Noon

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Picture of Sign at Entrance to High Ridge on State Road 100, across from Mission of the Dirt Road Community Center. Sign Reads: High Ridge Estates. Sign is white with blue letters.


Our community center & church exist because generous people donate their time and resources to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors. We'd love for you to join us in these efforts.

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