About Us

Our Story

Years ago, Mission of the Dirt Road was just a dream that God gave our pastor, Carey Morford. Over a few years, God spoke clearly and directly to Carey and her husband, Isaac. In 2014, they began taking steps to make the dream a reality. 

In 2015, Carey met with Rev. Patrick Styers, District Superintendent of the FL District of the Wesleyan Church, to discuss her dream of creating a ministry that would be focused on making disciples through community development in High Ridge Estates. While the FL District of the Wesleyan Church would have never on their own decided to plant a church in Keystone Heights, a rural community already overflowing with churches; it was clear that God was doing something. Carey began the process of transferring her ordination from Community Church of Keystone Heights to The Wesleyan Church and starting an approved church plant with the Florida District.

In 2016, a group of people began meeting for dinner and conversation at a local park. As this group grew in number and relationship to each other, prayer and scripture were added to the regular rhythm of their gatherings. Around Easter of 2016, Mission of the Dirt Road held their first gathering at the Seeds of Grace Community Garden, and this eventually became their regular gathering place. While meeting there, they formed a few neighborhood traditions like our annual pumpkin party, thanksgiving feast, and Christmas party which were often attended by 100 people or more. 

By 2019, Mission of the Dirt Road was ready to purchase a building to expand their ability to offer ministries and services to the community. In October of 2020 they held the first public gathering at their new location. While Sunday Gatherings remain a part of the routine at Mission of the Dirt Road, they find that there is much spiritual growth happens in the midst of conversation and community service. Neighborhood events, distributing food and hygiene/cleaning supplies during the pandemic, hosting educational presentations, Coffee Cafe & Showers, home repairs, youth development, all provide an opportunity to worship God and love neighbors.

Our Vision

Our vision is that the residents of High Ridge Estates would become our neighbors and friends that we would devote ourselves to the teachings of Jesus Christ and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. That we will all be filled with awe at the many signs and wonders performed in our midst. We will all be together and have everything in common. That we will sell our property and possessions to give to anyone in need. We will break bread in our homes and eat together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all people. And the Lord will add to our number daily those who are being saved. And, then we'll do it again in another neighborhood. See Acts 2: 42-47.

A view of the outside of the Mission of the Dirt Road Community Center and Church
Picture of Sign at Entrance to High Ridge on State Road 100, across from Mission of the Dirt Road Community Center. Sign Reads: High Ridge Estates. Sign is white with blue letters.

Our Strategy

Real Relationships- Our first goal must be to build relationships a make friends. Love of God and love of neighbor lead us toward Life, the richest, fullest kind of life.

Resurrect People- We all have known poverty. Even the wealthy have known emotional, spiritual poverty. We've all been the walking dead. People need other people. It's how we grow and develop, by learning from each other. Our goal is to provide formational experiences so that each person can discover the Way of Jesus and God's calling for their lives and be equipped to live that calling.

Revitalize Communities- One resurrected person should always lead to another resurrected person, which eventually will lead to a revitalized community. We must be intentional about telling our stories, welcoming the outsider, treating each other with dignity and respect, and sharing our time and resources and gifts.