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The Mission of the Dirt Road is off to a great start in 2016! While fundraising will continue, we are enjoying the opportunity to focus on gathering and building a launch team.


On January 1, Isaac and I hosted the first gathering at our house. We celebrated the new year with tacos (because we aren’t traditionalists), and welcomed 11 adults and a little one into our home to discuss what this new year might hold for Mission.


Starting on January 24, we plan to meet in our home every other Sunday at 5pm. We will eat good food, get to know each other, and talk a little bit about what The Mission of the Dirt Road is all about. For the first few weeks, we’ll focus on two of our ten core values. These gatherings will be an opportunity for people to check us out and see if it is something they want to be a part of. If you are a Keystonian, we’d love to have you join us!


We want service and mission to be a part of who we are right from the start. So,on the weeks we aren’t meeting, we encouraged our team members to find a place to serve in our community. We recommended Answers, LAM, and Seeds of Grace as good places to start serving.


Mission of the Dirt Road has joined in collaboration with Seeds of Grace to start a community garden in High Ridge Estates. We held a planning meeting on Saturday, January 16th. There were 20 adults in attendance, and we have at least another 20 names and numbers of people who were interested but did not make the meeting. A few of our launch team members joined Seeds of Grace volunteers in canvassing the neighborhood in preparation for the meeting, and it was a wonderful experience to meet the people we hope will soon become our friends.


And…as you’ve noticed, we have a fancy new website. Please share this website with others, and encourage them to sign up to receive each new blog post in their inbox. I plan to update this blog page no more than once a week, so you don’t need to fear your inbox being inundated.


Thank you!


We want to say a big thank you to all of the people who have decided to give to this project. We know God’s going to do big things, and we are so blessed by all of the people who have chosen, through their giving, to trust that as well.


If you gave in 2015, you should be receiving a giving statement very shortly, so look for it in the mail.


Also, for your convenience, we included a Give page where you’ll find the link and directions to sign up for online giving. We’ve also posted the address for the district office, if you prefer to send a check.



Praise and Prayer


We continue to pray for God’s provision, specifically for finances and team members. We are specifically praying that God will speak clearly to the people who He is calling to be on our team.  We have been amazed at how we have already seen God doing this. I’ve already heard people say a number of times, “I just can’t stop thinking about what you all are doing. I think I’m supposed to be a part of this.” Wow!


The community garden has been a great reason to praise God. We were, honestly, a bit surprised by the response of people in the neighborhood. We were surprised and excited that 30 people were willing to give us their name or number so that we could contact them in case the weather caused us to cancel the meeting. We were surprised and excited that 20 people came to the meeting on January 16th, and one sweet lady brought show and tell. We didn’t have to convince anyone this was a good idea; they just came. We know that is testimony of how God has already been working ahead of us, and we are honored to be just a small part of what he is doing. Please pray that, through the garden, and other activities we will grow deep, trusting relationships with our new friends.


We continue to pray that we will be in step with God, not ahead of him or behind him. We want everything we say and do to be an act of obedience. 


Please pray specifically for Isaac and I and our kids. We have had two years full of change, and we know we aren’t done yet. We know there are many changes still ahead. God has called us to these changes and that makes them exciting and joy-filled, but with change also comes loss. Pray that as Isaac and I guide our family, we will be sensitive to God’s leading and our kids’ needs. Pray that when we need to stop and breathe and rest, we will have the wisdom to do that.

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