Real Relationships + Resurrected People = Revitalized Communities

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How on earth is it almost December??!!! It’s been too long since we sent an update, so #sorrynotsorry for this being a little longer than usual.

This summer, we hosted WOW Time for kids in our neighborhood. We provided learning activities every Wednesday of the summer, and while it wasn’t very well attended…we had loads of fun! We also hosted movie nights at Keystone Heights Elementary School. We thought both of these activities would be big hits in our community, and we were surprised to see low attendance at all of these events.That left us feeling a little discouraged moving into Fall, but goodness have things picked up since then.

Isaac and I were able to complete our house, and we spent our first night at the house Oct 2. We’ve still been working pretty hard to get some details finished and to make this house feel like a home; but we are excited to say we were able to host our family thanksgiving in our house, and we’ll be hosting our first Mission meeting this week. Having our own space for the first time in two years has been so wonderful! You know that feeling when you hold your breath without really knowing it, but then you finally let go and breathe again…it’s felt like that. We are so thankful for all of the help and support that we received along the way.

At the end of October, we hosted our annual pumpkin party, and we had about 150 people in attendance…many new faces and some familiar faces too. We have never asked people for any kind of contact information at our events because we knew that it was important that we build trust in the neighborhood first. However, this year, we decided it was time to ask people if they were interested in receiving reminders about our Sunday gatherings and special events. Every single family shared their information with us! We’ve been texting them, and we’ve seen some families return and “stick” to our Sunday gatherings. That has added a little buzz and excitement to our group.

Last night, we hosted our annual thanksgiving feast. With just over 40 people, we had a blast! It felt like a big family gathering…we enjoyed a grand meal, with everyone contributing to it’s yumminess. The kids hunted candy canes, and we talked about some plans for Christmas gatherings and activities.┬áMore details coming soon. (PS- if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, yet…look at the left hand column and sign up!)

What we are most excited about, though, is that we have three DnA groups going, and we hope to see that number grow in January. DnA groups are a group of 3-5 people who intentionally and regularly gather to help one another grow into the fullness of Jesus Christ in this life, here and now. Because we believe that real relationships + resurrected lives = revitalized communities, we are most excited about the growth of these groups. This will not be fast work, but it will be lasting, kingdom work!

Through DnA groups and pumpking parties and conversations and thanksgiving feasts, we are learning that as Jonathan Brooks says, ” Ultimately, transformation cannot be unidirectional. The church and the community must engage with one another to experience mutual transformation.”

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