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As many of you are aware, a couple of weeks ago, Hurricane Irma made it’s way up our state. It was a strange storm, taking a path no one had seen before. Much of the state saw damage, and many people were without power for days. While we were thankful that our area saw minimal damage to property and no people were injured, it was still a challenging time.

The interesting thing about challenges is that sometimes they provide opportunities for the most beautiful experiences. We appreciate little things that on good or even mediocre days we take for granted. Lights, ice, gasoline, a warm meal all became great luxuries for everyone. In the aftermath of the hurricane, it was easier to see that we are all living the same difficult and beautiful life, and so many people were more compassionate and empathetic with each other.

For our little community, it was an opportunity to enjoy meals together during the week. Eating together led to conversations about how we were “making it” and how we were struggling, these conversations sometimes led to sharing resources or devising a plan to help a neighbor or sometimes only led to that comforting feeling of knowing you are not alone. There were no super heroes in our community, just a bunch of ordinary folks willing to share a few gallons of gas or a generator or to say a powerful “me too.”

Sometimes, in our desire to follow Jesus, we get trapped in the idea that we have to do big things- sell everything, become a missionary in a foreign country, become a preacher with a huge platform. It’s true that sometimes God calls us to do those big things, but even those big things start with little things. Small, faithful steps. Maybe the Enemy tricks us into thinking that we need a big moment to be able to serve God well or he tricks us into thinking that our little thing couldn’t possibly make a difference? When the truth is that we can serve God just as well with our little things. We can serve God by being generous with the change in our pocket, with the kind word to a stranger or a co-worker or a neighbor, with patience towards our toddler who is having a clingy day. When we give our life to loving God and loving people, it changes us and it changes the world around us!

Don’t wait for the next big moment, for the next storm. Even today, which may be totally ordinary and even boring, you can follow in Jesus’ footsteps and love the people around you!

Photo by Tom Ezzatkhah on Unsplash.

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