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After we enjoyed some great BBQ and some time getting to know each other, we discussed “Gospel-Centered” and “Speak the Truth in Love.”


You can read more about our core values here.


However, my favorite thing about our gathering was a story that Melanie, one of our team members, shared.


She said that she was working with a little girl who needed to interview a missionary to complete her Awana assignment for the week. The little girl said she didn’t know any missionaries. Melanie said, “Yes, you do. I’m a missionary! You can interview me.”


The little girl, who might have been a little sassy, said, “Where have you been?”


Melanie said, “I get to be a missionary right here in Keystone Heights.”


Part of the DNA of Mission of the Dirt Road, is that we are all missionaries. We all can carry the gospel message with us. We do that best when we stay focused on Jesus and let the love that he offers overflow out of us!


Her story tied in so nicely with this video that we watched…


At Mission of the Dirt Road, we are committed to “preaching” the Gospel with our lives first.


I’ve mentioned Michael Frost’s 5 habits of highly missional people in a previous post. Frost also talks about living “questionable” lives. Remember, in the Gospels,Jesus lived a different kind of life and preached a new kind of message, one that caused people to ask him questions like “Why do you eat with sinners?” and “What must I do to be saved?”


If we live like Jesus, there is no doubt that people will wonder about us. So, we left with a question to think about, “Is there anything about your life that people who don’t follow Jesus have to wonder about?” and a challenge: Read scripture every day.


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