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There is no denying that our first pumpkin party was a huge hit. Keystone United Methodist Church donated 30 pumpkins to Mission of the Dirt Road, and we ended up needing to go and pick more pumpkins up during the party to make a total of 38 pumpkins. Each child who came to our party decorated a pumpkin, ate pizza and cookies, and we shared the pumpkin gospel with the crowd of 70 people who came to the party. We also had a couple of people tell us they would definitely be joining us for our Twin Lakes gathering, and one teenage girl did just that!


Anybody can throw a party and get people to come, we know that! What we are super excited about is that our Twin Lakes gathering continues to grow. We are seeing a pretty consistent group of 30 people in attendance, and everyone is fully participating…bringing a dish to share and enjoying conversation. Our gatherings really do feel like a family getting together in the park.


At our next gathering, we will be introducing the idea of starting some small groups in January, and we will start asking people to sign up and commit to attending. Please pray that God will continue to prepare people’s hearts for this invitation and transition.


Make sure you check out our Facebook page for more pictures of this great event. Like our page while you’re there!

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