Blogging is a tricky thing.

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Blogging is a tricky thing. Blogging experts say that if someone is going to blog, then they should post something every day. That’s how you have a successful blog. Obviously, having a successful blog is not our primary goal. And, that’s a good thing, because if it were, then we would have failed MISERABLY.

There are a whole lot of reasons the blog writing fell away for quite some time. Namely, our website was hacked…twice. Turns out there is a reason the experts suggest you chose a password that isn’t easy to guess!

Enough about that, though, what is important is that we are back, at least until the next thing happens and there is another reason for us to fall of the face of the earth for a few months. The lesson for all of our friends and followers is to FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK. And make sure you click on the little button that says follow, and then choose to “see this first.”  We keep our Facebook page updated regularly. All of the important news is there! Also, SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER, we haven’t sent one out for a little while, but this is where we let people know what our needs are; so if praying for and/or supporting Mission is something you’d like to do, make sure you sign up for the newsletter.

We’ll be posting some stories about what we’ve been up to in the very near future. We promise! We have lots of catching up to do!!

Tim Gouw

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